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16-Jan-2012 - LT+3.00 firmware is now released for slim and phat drives. Reset glitch hack is now also available.

Why "mod" my Xbox 360 console?

To play backups of your purchased games on your console as original discs are easily scratched. We do not support the use of modded/flashed consoles to play pirated games.

What is "modding"?

Flashing an Xbox 360 console involves applying a new firmware to the DVD drive so that it will recognise copied discs as well as original game discs.

Which models can be modded/flashed?

At present, ALL models of Xbox 360 and All Xbox 360 Slim can be modded/flashed. Please contact for further details

How much does it cost?

Some models require more work to "mod" because there is a different DVD drive in each Xbox model. Just send us your console manufacture date and lot number (see rear of console) and we will let you know the cost. Price for Flash is €30.

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