Repair Services

We can repair your beloved xbox 360 to bring it back to life.

  • RROD (Red Ring of Death)
  • Disc Drive Replacement
  • Laser Calibration

Mod/Flash Services

Flashing an Xbox 360 console involves applying a new firmware to the DVD drive so that it will recognise copied discs as well as original game discs.

In order to play backups of your purchased games on your console, the console needs to be modded/flashed.

  • Drive Flashing

Our Prices

Red Ring of Death Repair €30
Disc Drive Replacement €40
Laser Calibration €30
Drive Mod/Flashing plus RROD fix

Post/Courier Costs

If you are sending the console to us for repair you will need to cover the cost in addition to the cost of repair.

The average Xbox 360 weighs about 3.5kgs; which costs €12 to €15 via Standard Post or €15 to €18 via Registered Post.

Although we encourage the use of Couriers, we do not use them ourselves; all consoles are returned at the customer’s expense via Standard Post, you will be able to track your console with An Post’s Track & Trace service using the Tracking Number we provide on dispatch.

No Fix, No Fee

We operate on a no fix, no fee basis; meaning payment will not be made until the customer is completely satisfied with the work as described.

d will surely be appreciated.